The mission of C3 no limits.... is focused on enhancing the lives and well being of all through various efforts. C3 educates and inspires, revealing the importance of the rule of 3 ( mind, body, spirit connection). C3's message is simply no limits.... all the way around and across. the board.

The vision of C3 no limits.... is to provide tools that hold space for an individual to arrive at the most authentic version of self.

C3 focuses on overall social impact and direction, elevating the world and expanding consciousness along with awareness. C3 gives back in areas of entrepreneurship, education, holistic health & well being, financial literacy, income, and basic reeds. C3's mission and vision of alignment and execution will change the way we lead.
The inspiration for c3 is Caterina "Kathy" Cilluffo who passed away from Hodgkin's Disease in 2003, when she was only 28 years old. When conventional methods were proving unsuccessful, she approached an oncologist with questions about the validity of alternative modalities for the treatment of cancer and was told these were not reliable.

The memory and legacy of Caterina continues primarily through the healing process and journey of loved ones. C3 is committed to making sure Caterina's light continues to shine. Caterina had a one of a kind way of making people feel respected, encouraged, and optimistic, irrespective of their life circumstance. Her strength and faith will continue to be the fuel and motivation behind C3. C3 extends a helping hand to assist, to heal, and continue to inspire!. Everyday in Caterina's memory, we strive to make an impact in care and cure. We all know, tragedy, in one way or another, affects every one and allows individuals to grow and expand. After Caterina’s death, those closest to her recognized that her light was too bright to be extinguished and that her example could continue to make the world a little better and brighter.


The mission of E=MC2 no limits.... is to bridge the gap between eastern and western medicine, empower individuals to adopt a multidisciplinary approach that is collaborative, comprehensive, and proven. We initiate multi-modality practices allowing for the equal dissemination of western and 'complementary` medicine to as many people as possible. We demonstrate to practitioners that medicine includes all proven modalities and provide robust data, case studies, and anecdotes to support this.

The vision of E=MC2 no to empower individuals to arrive at the most authentic version of themselves through the comprehensive healthcare offerings that enhance quality of 'life, vitality, and longevity.

E=MC2, no limits focuses on collaboration not competition. Wellness is not a market share game, this is a collaborative, iterative effort. Our experience in the healthcare and private equity sector afforded us many opportunities to support inter-specialty collaboration and funding for such programs. We identified practitioners looking to do more for their patients, and simultaneously hospital costs were escalated enough to prompt system administrators to encourage efficiency improvement programs. Centralizing care offered reduced cost and ITiCir0 comprehensive treatment for patients. Although these practices are being implemented in certain buckets of healthcare, it remains to be seen as a gold standard across all modalities of medicine. We are committed to supporting these efforts with a focus on empowering individuals to embrace the entire community of healers dedicated to enhancing the lives of as many people as possible.